FAMINE’S RING (Supernatural Inspired)


The Rings of the Horsemen are rings that each of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse made popular by the TV show SUPERNATURAL.

Featured below is “FAMINE”
Available in most sizes.
Sterling silver with genuine black onyx.

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From Supernatural Wiki:
Famine’s ring is a ring that helps the Black HorsemanFamine, channel and focus his powers. Without it, in the physical world, he is left, as the demon Brady puts it, a “withered husk”. Sam and Dean obtained Famine’s ring after Sam exorcised demons out of Famine’s body. includes a small rare earth magnet you can easily install which brings all the horsemen rings together except war .contact me for a suitable magnetic ring for cosplay.

When combined with the other three Horsemen’s rings, it can open up a portal to send Lucifer back into his cage again.


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